Italian Short Story
(field-recordings taken in a rural community near Genoa) released on autumn records ('leaves'series)

'In 2002 I moved with my family for half a year to Italy - close to the sea - to a place in the countryside near Genoa – We tried to form a community – together with a bunch of Italians – we were living in tents and some ancient ruins – (there even was a little church on the area -actually the most proper building- which we mainly used for storing wood) – We tried to build a strawbale house but it was raining so much in this year that we really almost swam away – our main hobby was: getting the truck out of the mud (we invented a lot of amazing techinques like knotting the rope to the back-wheel and then to a tree to use the car as a wind towing itself) - unfortunately the project failed and in the end we broke up – still it was a very, very nice experience – I never heard so much silence in my life - I never ate so many flowers On these recordings you hear first of all: the rain Then (after the sun came out) we made tomato sauce (eating was the second main hobby, I mean, we drank vine out of 15 gallon-containers and bought tomatos buketwise, you know) So on this day we drove to the mayors private house to buy his tomatos, we squashed the tomatos, we washed bottles to store the tomato-sauce we lit the outside oven and cooked the sauce on it. In the end we had a nice spaghetti-tomato-sauce for ,well, a few days. We had a chill out hippy session on the porch (you can hear my 2 year old son Wenzel asking Stefano a mixture of ‘Come stai?’ (how are you) and ‘Cosa fai?’ (what are you doing)) The last track are crickets in the night (I think that this recording is especially amazing because it sounds like an electronic noise but it really is (as all the other recordings) a pure field recording with no editing done at all ( just recorded from a very low distance)'

1 - rain on the tent
2 - rain in the sacristy (phase 1 and 2)
3 - going to the VW-bus to drive to the mayors place to buy tomatos
4 - driving back home after having bought tomatos at the mayors place
5 - squashing the tomatos
6 - washing bottles for the tomato-sauce
7 - chopping firewood
8 - breaking up firewood
9 - lighting the oven to cook the sauce
10- chilling on the porch (kitchen in the back)
11- crickets in the night (very close)

recorded by F.S.Blumm (except 6 recorded by Tim Tetzner) total time - 8:02 ________________________________________________________________________
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