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Up Up And Astray (CD)

Bandcamp 01 - 2013
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F.S.BLUMM & BRADIEN Split Tape (digital)
Split Tape on Pobrebop Barcelona:
F.S.BLUMM - Up Up Treasures
A: F.S.BLUMM - UP UP (21:33)
(Best of musical scetches and field-re...(+)
poprebop 07 - 2010
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Summer Kling (CD)
some words about 'summer kling' by F.S.Blumm:

... 'summer kling' is german and means something like: Hummer sound! It is an imperative as if You are talking to a dog, or to something li...(+)
morr music - 2006
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Zweite Meer (CD)
PRESS-TEXT for 'zweite meer':
Having released on Tomlab, Audiodregs, Staubgold and others F.S. Blumm now returns to Morr Music for his second album following the debut 'Mondkuchen'. The alb...(+)
morr music - 2005
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Jenseits Der Deadline (digital)
JENSEITS DER DEADLINE Hörspiel von Christian Berner und Frank Schültge, Autorenproduktion für DeutschlandRadio Berlin 2005 Darsteller: Hermann Bohlen, Anette Schäfer, Stefan Kaminski, Alexi...(+)
morr music - 2005
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...And Friends - Sesamsamen (CD)
Some words about ' sesamsamen' by F.S.BLUMM: _____ This album is about approaching a musical idea from various sides. There are mainly two pieces on this album: one is ‘coop comp’ (which stands...(+)
plop - 2004
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